Empowerment and Evolution

The Assyrian American Association of North Texas (AAANT), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The entity was established in November 21, 2018 in the city of Flower Mound, Denton County, Texas and later relocated to Lantana, Texas.

The main objectives of this organization are:

  • To inspire and develop responsibility for the preservation of the Assyrian heritage and culture among all Assyrians regardless of religious, tribal, or political affiliations
  • To foster an interest in social, educational, civic and economic activities among all Assyrians
  • To promote higher education and to establish an educational center for advanced studies in the Assyrian language and history
  • To assist Assyrian charitable and educational organizations in all aspects of legal, economics, civic and social needs as deemed necessary
  • To promote the Assyrian culture and history through various media, and through outreach and engagement to the greater North Texas community

One’s being an Assyrian is a synthesis of heritage, religion and culture, and emotional consciousness that transcends all diversities, theological, demographic, and otherwise. Those who honor truth for its own sake will have no difficulty in the comprehension of my meaning, and they will surely remember the lapsed Assyrians in a sunny Assyrian day.

Dr. David P. Perley
The Assyrian Star, 9/10/1967, “The Assyrian Nationhood”